Tuesday, August 24

Jennifer Aniston playing the same thing

The Switch (Jennifer Aniston's new movie with Jason Bateman) premiered at Number 8 in the box office! Now Entertainment Tonight was asking the question if the reason people might not want to watch the movie is because they believe she is playing the same character. The last Aniston movie I saw was The Good Girl. I find her movies bland and not interesting. The Switch, honestly I would find it more interesting if Aniston wasn't in it, maybe Anna Paquin or Scarlett Johansson. I don't hate Jennifer Aniston, but I think she should find a new stitch. She couldn't even act out of a paper bag in Courtney Cox's last show "Dirt" when she guest starred. The character was complex but Jennifer couldn't make heads or tales of it. The character I hated the most on "Friends" was Rachael, she was so annoying, she acted like she knew it all. Even though I couldn't stand either Ross or Rachael, I did like their romance. She did a good job in The Good Girl. Her movies weren't hits before "Friends" and I think the only reason she is still relevant is because she was once married to Brad Pitt.