Tuesday, February 2

ManCrunch commercial pulled off Superbowl

There has always been some controversy over the Super Bowl, this year there is talk about the Tim Tebow/Anti-Abortion Ad. But now there has been one victim due to CBS. They pulled out a commercial. The commercial belongs to ManCrush, a gay dating site, which i can't find the link too. I think the company had very little money because the commercial looks very cheap in quality. When I saw the setup, I already knew what the commercial was going to be about. Oh, here is the link. So yeah, the commercial is tame but I think for the SuperBowl, it is not for the right audience. There is football fans that happen to be gay and watch the SuperBowl, like me, but you know, the majority of the audience are heterosexual.

So if they don't want the commercial, fine, whatever. But as a regular commercial, it shouldn't be pulled regularly, if it was to air on anything else. It's sad but like the women on the View said about this, it is hard on parents as a family event, as many hetero 'American' families freak out about this stuff. While more open-minded families don't give a football about it to explaining it to their kids. The View didn't show the part when the black guy looks shocked at the two kissing guys. It was so hilarious when I saw it.

Here is a view against the commercial:
Post Partisan

GLAAD's Response