Saturday, February 13

iCarly Product Name Replacements

I have admittedly gotten into iCarly now. Because not to have copyright infringement, they replace popular brand names with fake names, but we till kind of know what they are talking about.

Fig Newtons = Fig Nooters
Star Wars = Galaxy Wars
MySpace = SplashFace
Apple Computers = Pear Computers
Beanie Babies = PeeWee Babies
Starbucks = Skybucks
SnoBalls = Fat Cakes
Shamwow! = Shampow!
Google = Zaplook
Disney Channel = Dingo Channel
Magic Eight Ball = Magic Meatball
Nike = Daka
American Idol = America Sings
Build a Bear = Build a Bra

iPhones become Pear Phones, iPods are Pear Pods and almost every computer and laptop on the show has a pear logo, much like the Mac Apple logo. This is one product that continues in this show. Also, Galaxy Wars, as Freddy and Spencer are fans, Freddy has bedsheets.

Product Displacement