Wednesday, February 10

First legal Straight male prositute in Nevada compares to Gandhi

Straight male prostitute "Markus" got state approval through the Shady Lady Ranch in Nevada to be the first legal prostitute. But the disturbing part is that he compares himself to Rosa Parks and Gandhi. He's a 25 year-old college dropout from Alabama who left the Marines and returned home to Alabama, finding no job opportunities. He says "wants the world to know he's not available for homosexual sex and that his "sphincter is not for sale." Lord. "It won't be successful," said Arie Mack Moore, owner of the Angel's Ladies Brothel, just north of Beatty. "You can't have both (male and female prostitutes) in the same building or adjacent to each other, in my opinion." A 22-year-old prostitute at Angel's Ladies named "Cuddles" said Markus' unwillingness to see gay males makes the Shady Lady seem sexist and discriminatory. Her brothel services women. "How can you just turn down services because of what someone's preferences is? It comes with the territory. It comes with the business," she said. I have heard of gay prostitutes servicing straight naturally-born women and straight women prostitutes puttng a 'strap-on' to please a male cilent. Yes, this blog is not for the whole family.