Monday, February 22

Jem re-surfacing in the works

Pajiba reported in November that Hasbro is planning to bring Jem and the Holograms, the 80's doll and TV show franchise about a girl band headed by a foster home/music industry mogul/singer Jerrica Benton thanks to super computer Synergy. Now, all Jem fans like I have been wanting a live-action movie that stays in the 80's and has the original animated show writer Kristy Marx involved. In 2007, I have previously put who I think should be in the movie. Hasbro has been vague, they don't yet if it will be a new cartoon, movie or what. Hasbro is bringing up a new TV cable channel, with a My Little Pony show and other shows based on Hasbro products and original programming in the works. But it is unknown if Jem will be involved. With the success of Transformers and G.I.Joe, it is natural this would happen. BUT HASBRO: PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE A LIVE-ACTION MOVIE SET IN THE 80's WITH KRISTY MARX! She knows this and she is a genius! She is needed! She will make you more money!