Tuesday, February 2

Lost Final Season Premiere

I won't explain the whole episode, but this to just give those wondering if the bomb caused them to go back in time, to where they never got on the island.


So yes, I still watch "Lost," it has gone from a huge hit to a cult show. The season premiere begins with the white from the bomb from last season, the longest white wash in. The first image we see are clouds from a airplane window. We treated to the old scene of Jack and Rose (the nice black lady from the first season) in Oceanic 815. There is a shake but no airplane drop. Rose is reunited with her husband. Jack goes tot he bathroom and notes blood on his neck. He meets Desmond, it turns out Desmond is now on the flight. Jack gets deja vu. We then five into deep into the oceans, to find a giant foot with four toes in the water, instead of above.

Kate wakes up on a tree. She finds Jack, James and Miles, they are where Sun and the others are, on the Island, I forget the year, but its around our current time. James is real pissed about Juliet dying in vain. Sayid, Hurley and Jin are two minutes away, near a van.

And we are also served to Jack being in a place where the plane never crashed and having deja vu with people who have never met him. So Kate is arrested again, back with the agent; James is bad old Sawyer, back from killing a man he thought was the one who led to his parents' death; Hurley being bugged by a fan--because he is owner of fast food chain and he is a lucky guy, nothing bad happens to him.

So yeah, no more spoilers. But it's a pretty good episode.