Tuesday, December 1

Grady Sizemore angry about pictures leak

Nearly nude pictures of Grady Sizemore sent to his girlfriend through his cellphone camera were leaked into the web. Someone stole them off his girlfriend's e-mail. She claims it is a stalker that stole them. Grady is upset that the pictures on the web. Grady has contacted MLB to have them contact websites to demand the pictures off. So slowly pictures are coming off, most of them are on gay-orientated websites. Outsports.com has been targeted, they say, "Despite how the photos were originally leaked, we are well within our right to keep them up." Gay fans believe this will only help his fanbase. And Outsports.com claims it is a 'witch hunt' to attack sites, because now that is news on news sites and news TV channels, then it is 'public domain' now. Also, other fans say that he should speak out to teenagers and twenty-somethings warning them not to do nude pix for their girlfriends/boyfriends or others will see them.

Grady is not the first, as it has happened to Pete Wentz in 2005 and also Miley Cyrus [even though she kept her shirt on]. And plenty of pics of college athletes regularly hit gay pic forums, via their own Myspace or Facebook or twitter pages. Cyd Zeigler jr. of OutSports says, "He was the idiot who took the photos and sent them to at least one other person. What famous person takes photos of themselves like that, emails them and doesn’t expect them to leak? He looks good and his fanbase has increased because of them." The e-mail from CAASports says, "Such posting, therefore, subjects the Website, you, your employees, and principals, and all individuals associate with this activity to serious potential liability. Should you fail to comply immediately with the terms of this letter, we will be forced to explore all available remedies against the Website and you." Basically I think these people shouldn't do these pics but if they do, then they shouldn't complain when other people spread them around because it was their own dumb fault they put them online or THAT THEY TOOK THEM THEMSELVES. If they are private, then don't have them through e-mail and go through more security or don't even take them!!! Better safe than sorry!