Tuesday, December 22

Princess and the Frog: Positive Review

Old school is awesome, the animation is beautiful and this a sweet romantic movie. Tiana is a strong role model, she reaches out for dreams with hard work. Tiana's father's dream was to make a big restaurant & he died in the war (presumably World War I). Prince Naveen of a unidentifiable race and fictional country, is a lazy playboy who has been cut off from his money and needs to marry Tiana's rich girlfriend Charlotte. The villain, the voodoo Shadowman turns Naveen into a frog and has his servant pretend to be Naveen and marry Charlotte--in order to kill her Big daddy and take over New Orleans and give it to the demons he has a debt to. Tiana is turned into a frog when she kisses Naveen because she isn't a princess, she wants the money to buy the place to make her restaurant. Naveen is a charmer, he is incredibly handsome, I haven't seen another charming handsome Disney Prince like that since Prince Eric. His eyes are the same as a frog, he is more 'animated' as a frog.

Tiana's friend Charlotte is rich and wants to get married really bad, namely for Naveen. Since she was a kid, she wanted a fairy tale romance, get married to a prince. Charlotte has been friends with Tiana since they were little girls, Tiana's mom made princess dresses for her. Instead of being a mean spoiled brat, Charlotte is still nice to her childhood pal Tiana and comes through for her in the end. What doesn't make sense is why Charolette's dad doesn't give Tiana her the money for her restaurant since he knew her as a kid and goes to the place she works every morning for her pastries. Probably he had offered and she wanted to work on it on her own. Naveen and Charolette are joined in their journey to find the voodoo priestess Mama Ode by Louis, an alligator who wants to play Jazz and Ray, a Cajun firefly who is love with the star that Tiana and Charlotte wish to.

Naveen's servant betrays Naveen and the villain the Shadow Man takes Naveen's blood and puts it in a necklace. When the servant wears the necklace, it makes him look like Naveen, but when the blood runs out, they must get the frog back. The Shadow Man a voodoo priest who wants control of New Orleans and to kill Charolette's dad, and because of his debt to demons, give the city to the demons of the afterworld. Mama Ode tells Naveen and Tiana that Naveen must be kissed by Charlotte--but when Naveen figures he loves Tiana, he wants to marry her. When the clock runs out at midnight, Charlotte kisses Naveen but for Tiana, not to marry him but for them to be happy---but it's too late. Tiana and Naveen figure they will happy as frogs and get married and kiss. Whe they kiss, they become humans again, because when Mama Ode married them, it made her a princess. In the end, wrongs are righted, love prevails and dreams come true.

Thank you Disney for not supplying us with yet another 3-D animated film.