Monday, December 28

Avatar 3-D Review

Let me admit that I did not want to see this movie. My cousins were all telling me how it was good. And another pair of cousins got me to go, it was IMAX 3-D. The beginning of the movie was great, but the ending wasn't. I can't help but be reminded by the Native Americans, in this way-obvious 'metaphor.' The special effects really are great, Mr. Cameron has really created a new technology with actors' movements and faces incorporated into their CG characters. The creature designs sure are beautiful. I love the color schemes. I'm still not crazy about the blue people. The glowing parts in the forest are just dazzling and the 3-D is fantastic, the last 3-D movie I saw was at Disney World, not any of these current movies. Sigourney Weaver sure looks creepy and hilarious as a Na'vi.

The basic plot is that the main character Jake (Sam Worthington) is forced to go to this planet Pandora (because his twin brother just died and they need him) where Earthlings are trying to take over a planet with peace-loving indigenous people Na'vi for some rock that is similar to diamonds. Giovanni Ribisi plays an annoying character, I just plain hate, not love to hate but just bad. The villains are irritating and seem to have a flimsy goal, especially Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang)--who states they are 'savages' and Lang seems to be transplanted from a Van Damm flick. The movie is beautiful but just horribly sad in the end and unnecessary. My friend offers the glib analysis that this movie suggests that what the Native Americans did wrong was not have a white person play red-face to save them.

Maybe that is not what Cameron had intended. The movie is 2 hours and a half, it doesn't drag on like Titanic but the 3d does, I had to take off the glasses several times because my eyes started hurting. Sam Worthington does a bang up job, at first I don't like his na'vi avatar but then fall in love with it and stare at his little butt. I was not a big fan of Sam's look, but slowly started falling into his charms. I love the first two Terminator movies Cameron directed but Titanic's writing was horrible, and this one has its problems with obvious plot points. The movie is just dribble.