Thursday, December 24

The Santa Clause Franchise Review

Watching the three The Santa Clause movies on Disney channel, I hadn't seen the third movie before. It really is what people say, more softer and boring compared to the first one. When the movie first came out when I was 12, I found the movie too crude, even with its wonder, it had police pointing guns at Santa and everyone against Scott Calvin (Tim Allen). Now 15 years after the first movie and compared to the other two films, this movie is the most charming and very entertaining. I also liked how the movie made a twist on the whole story, with children as elves. Even with the children eleves, the majority of the main characters remained in the three films, which is rare. Most of the time, they re-cast them. His son is played the same guy. When I was little, I fell in love with this Santa Clause TV movie and loved how it was close to the mythology.

For those who haven't seen the other two movies, Ms. Clause is introduced in the second film, along with the Tooth Fairy, Mother Nature (who is black), Sandman (who is also black), Easter Bunny, Cupid, Father Time, etc. Being 'different,' the Tooth Fairy is a man--which seems common these days like Dwayne Johnson's upcoming film. In the third movie, Jack Frost is introduced. The villains in the last movies are an inconvenience, they are a tad annoying--the robot Santa and Jack Frost. In the first movie, there was no villains per say, just the disbelieving adults. As a kid, I hated how the adults opposed Scott and found it crazy really fast. Even though I love Judge Reinhold as an actor, I hate him in the first movie. The first movie is PG, while the other two are G. It gets off to a controversial start, I mean for Scott to become Santa, the old Santa had to fall off a roof. If it wasn't Disney or if it was Tim's way, he would die by the last film.