Friday, December 4

Out Celebrities and where they are now

There is a big thing in Hollywood saying that open gay people wouldn't successful (even though there are plenty of gay people in the industry!!!), but these days, things have changed, thankfully. There were rare cases, but nowadays it is getting safer and safer for gay actors to be successful and people to still believe them when they play a heterosexual character. But some gay actors still want to be anonymous and that's fine. And some agents don't want their straight actors to do more than one gay role because then people will think he's gay (Like Brett Chuckerman who is straight but has played a lot of gay characters). How many 'Out' Celebrities are there out there and still have a job?

Lance Bass
After coming out on his own [3 years ago in 2006], he still doesn't have a real steady job. Supposedly he is producing now.

T.R. Knight
After starring, being outted during [3 years ago in 2006], and leaving "Grey's Anatomy," he is in the musical Parade.

Adam Lambert
After outting himself on June of 2009, six months ago, his album is out and doing well.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia derossi
Ellen came out in 1997 during her hit sitcom's run and the show was canceled the next year. It took six years until she got her hit talk show in 2003. She has paved the road but it has been a rocky road. At least she is still working and biggest example of openly homosexual success. Portia came out in 2005 after dating Ellen, she currently is on the show "Better Off Ted" and they married last year August 2008.

Rosie O' Donnell
She left her talk show in 2002, came out, lost her magazine, went to the View an after much turmoil, she rather be without makeup and staying home. Many can love or hate her, I personally love her as she speaks her mind. But she does indeed very passionate.

Neil Patrick Harris
Another success story like Ellen, his success came late. He came out in 2006, three years ago and has success with "How I Met Your Mother" and award show hosting and stage shows.

Meredith Baxter
"Family Ties" actress came out recently. I'm happy she found love.

Chris Colfer
Newcomer with "Glee," his star just started rising, he is 19 and I am happy he is openly out. It shows how times have changed.

John Barrowman
Openly gay and has been with Scott Gill since 1991. Scottish actor is successful with stage shows and "Torchwood."

Yes, Clay Aiken is openly gay too but he was forced to after much nagging. And there are so many other gay actors, singers and celebrities out there but I thought these were worth mentioning. Only very few aren't "Hot" now. I am sure there are some I am missing.