Monday, July 13

Telling the Heartthrobs Apart

I can tell them apart, but I have found that many people, including paparazzi have confused these young male actors.

Chace Crawford and Ian Somerhalder
Some months ago, Ian was confused for Chace at an event by the Paparazzi. Making matters worse, this fall Ian will be on the CW on the show "The Vampire Dairies."

Shane West and Taylor Kitsch
I was watching the Wolverine movie with my cousin and he doesn't care much about heartthrobs buyt he confused Taylor Kitsch (Gambit) for Tom Sawyer from The Extraordinary League of Gentleman played by Shane West. For me, they don't look alike, but I guess it's a problem for straight guys.

Christian Cooke/Aaron Johnson
I have to be honest that I confused these two British actors.

Logan Marshall Green/Tom Hardy
Logan is in the new show "Dark Blue" and Desmond was in the Gerard Butler/Guy Richie movie Rocknrolla. When I first saw a promo for "Dark Blue," I thought Logan was Tom Hardy or another actor by the name Desmond Harrington.