Monday, July 13

Gloria Estefan on the D-List......... with Kathy Griffin

I live in Miami and Gloria Estefan is on the Z list. Z for Zuban, as in Cuban. She owns a hotel and restaurants, but she hasn't done anything in years. For us here in Miami, she is like on the 'who-cares?' list. But Cubans love her, so yeah she's A-list in Cuba-landia. But what do gringos who watch Kathy Griffin know about her? Anyhoo, she was gracious to Kathy. And Seeing Rosie and Gloria was funny. Gloria was offering flan to Rosie and she said it tasted like mucus. I agree that flan is a required taste. Flan is the only dessert offered at most Latino restaurants that are not franchises. Anyhoo, to clarify.. that in Miami Beach, there is no gay street. It depends on the week, if it is a White Party, yeah. But then that same street.. if it is a hip-hop thingy, it's all Black. Kathy and Rosie are not known by Cubans or Latinos, period. Well Miamians know Rosie as 'la Lesbiana.' Baca Frita, what Rosie ate was Fried Cow--it's good, and what Kathy ate was Ox Tail... Flaming Tail---I don't like.