Saturday, July 18

One Bold KGB Commercial (Knowledge Generation Bureau) is a new internet site that you can call or whatever and the inform you on things from who won between Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee in The Way of the Dragon to Dave Buckner, a baseball player. The commercials starring James Gunn have been playing endlessly, from inside the supposed headquarters, to a husband frozen in thought thinking of the baseball player, two old men fighting in a bar, to the latest, Brain Farts. Yes, brain farts, it is a very low-brow joke and a horrible commercial. James Gunn and the girl character (that we followed since her employment to KGB) enter a university room in hazmat suits to tell the class (who are brain farting) who created "The Thinker." Anyhoo, there is a brand new commercial that can either be considered racist or bold.

The age old question... what are weaves (extensions woman put in their hair) made from? The commercial claims from an Yak. The commercial centers around black women in a beauty salon. And they did do the cliche stereotype of one woman saying "Hell nah you best not be putting no Yak hair in my weave!" Lord.