Monday, July 13

Miami Social Bullshit

Call me bitter. But I gotta complain. My dad wants me to not say anything because of tourism. He thinks these shows are made to help Miami's economy. But I hate all this shit on saying Miami Beach is "Miami." Miami Beach is a city attached by bridges, what people who know Ocean Drive. Remember the Birdcage movie? Well, that's in Miami Beach. it is not the real Miami. I have no problem with Kathy Griffin going to Miami and staying mostly at Star Island and Ocean, but I hate this whole superficial image of Miami Beach. And how old are these people? 40? And still partying? Take easy. Go to bed at midnight. I hate all these 'they run this' shit. Um... you know who runs Miami? Cubans. All together. All of them. Yeah. And they speak a whole lot more Spanish than they show on TV.