Tuesday, July 28

Myth Busted: Women say Hot Men are Gay

There is a myth that handsome guys are gay. Well, it is more a joke around women. Women say that most good-looking and 'good' men are gay. I am sure it is mostly a joke. I think it might seem that way but it isn't. It all comes down to coveting what isn't yours, unrequited love in a sense. Because I also think about when gay men want to gain the affections of a straight guy. I have to be honest that I have been in a similar situation, and from my own experiences, I can say it wasn't about sex but it depended on the person. You can't help who you are attracted to or who you like, even if it is dismissed as a crush. I hate that, when affection is dismissed simply as a 'crush.' How do 'they' know how I'm feeling. But one of my girlfriends have clarified that I may have a pattern to being attracted to straight men. I have indeed dated and have been in relationships with gay men.

It surprises most men but most gay men prefer masculine or so-called 'str8-acting men,' which means Straight-acting. It is laughable to me this notion. That it is in the term itself, 'acting.' It is just acting. It is not true. If they 'act' straight, wouldn't they be straight and hence attracted to women and not men? So what they mean is masculine, they don't want feminine or 'swishy' men. Anyway, back with my relationships with straight men I might had feelings for. There have been quite a few and they know who they are. They were mostly 'bad boys,' early on when I was a teenager, I believe the appeal was like the 'cool guy' and the 'nerdy fanboy hanger-on.' In some cases, they have almost recripocated or let me fondle them. One even questioned thinking being gay was being easier. I clarified that it wasn't.

Anyway, my whole point that some straight women might prefer gay men and in some cases, gay men might prefer straight men; it bascially it coveting what you can't have.