Thursday, July 16

Bruno hits Number One at the Box Office

Bruno is number one at the Box Office since the weekend of July 10th, but what will happen this weekend? I think Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will knock it out of the water. I think any movie will knock it out of the water. I originally thought Bruno would not make number one because the American public are not so keen in seeing a movie with a gay protagonist or men kissing (also that since Bruno makes out with men in the movie). Everyone has mixed feelings about Bruno, including me. I think Bruno is a double-edged sword for the gay community, one side it can bring negative stereotype feelings to the mass public (what is it that most people remember about Asians, Native-Americans, African-Americans, etc.? Stereotypes!) and on the other side, it can be a statement to who cares about our differences and grow up and just laugh. I really don't know what I feel about Bruno. I didn't like Borat, and it inevitably changed things a bit. But don't get me wrong, I do like Sacha Baron Cohen, I liked him in Taladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, his character was gay and positive and broke stereotypes.