Tuesday, June 2

Sex and the City Movie Was Not a Fluke

Attention movie producers! This comes from a white male between the ages of 18 and 30, you should make more woman's movies! Sex and the City the Movie was not a fluke. Nia Vardalos went on "The View" and mentioned that movie producers now no longer want to make women's movies or 'chick flicks' because they say that women don't go to the movies on Fridays. Barbara Walters then encouraged girls to tell their men on date nights that they are going to see their movie. The reason the first female-driven blockbuster is an important milestone is because there has been a long history of male-driven superhero movies, action flicks, and monster explosions. It's time for Change. Sex and the City the Movie was not a fluke, if you make it, women will come!!!