Tuesday, June 30

Rest In Peace Michael: I apologize and refrain

I am going to refrain from calling him Jacko and will just call him Michael Jackson. John Stewart made me realize that there should be some respect for the deceased, even though whatever I might had thought of him. I feel like I've been coerced by all these loving fanatics and the music his week into feeling sorry for him. I was born in 82 and grew up in the hey-day of his career and saw the slow decline of his pigmation, his nose, and his sanity. And his last attempt at fame, with that music video with Marlon Brando was laughable. But now he should rest in peace. A friend mentioned yesterday and made me realize he had only one job his whole life since he was eight and had a lot of money and probably his sanity stayed at age 8 or 14. It is debatable but I say that if you are going to honor anyone deceased, you talk about everything, the good and bad, because that is true to who they were.