Friday, June 19

Incestuous brothers in canceled UPN show "Wolf Lake"

They are showing episodes of "Wolf Lake" today on the Sci-Fi channel, "Wolf Lake" was a show on UPN about werewolves starring Lou Diamond-Phillips and Paul Wesley. I have seen bit and pieces of the show, but never really paid attention until now. The episode "Leader of the Pack" is an interesting episode, it is about an important arc. The character Sherman Blackstone tells some people a story that happened, about a big event in which two robbers were about to um.. rob. The two robbers seem to care for each other, John played by Andy Thompson and Eddie played by John Cassini. One even proposed to the other, that they should marry. The other said, "What would mom think?" They ended up being brothers, I found that interesting that two guest characters, that weren't portrayed in a negative light, a bit for comedy but not also sympathetic. I like mentioning this because it has not been mentioned at all. Maybe it has been commented on a board but now it can't be found. Anyhoo, I found it interesting, the two actors had good chemistry. But sadly, in the end, they were eaten by the werewolf Vivian Cates (the talented actress Sharon Lawrence).