Wednesday, June 3

Make Me a Supermodel Season Two Finale

As usual, I screamed at the television. I thought Johnathan was going to win. Johnathan for sure will be a supermodel one day, he has it in him. Everyone thought it would be between Sandhurst and Johnathan. And it was a major shock that Branden won. Branden is such a cute kid. He does have potential, but did he win because of that? One of the judges said that he may not have given him a job without the last picture he took (shirtless and face on) but because it is there, it makes a difference. He wasn't the greatest walker either. I am happy for him but I am shocked. I can't say I am not shocked. Why it is shocking because his inexperience and his body--its not for swimsuits, which narrows things for him. I think what broke it for Johnathan was the fact that he would be traveling like crazy and he has a kid to worry about. I think what what broke Sandhurst was that the judges said he was stiff and too poised, not spontaneous enough. Branden is spontaneous and is free to go anywhere as he has no 'dogs and cats' like people say.