Monday, June 1

The Principal's Office "Dirty Dancing" Viral Video

I know this happened in January but this recently came to my attention. I love the Principal's Office, when the show came out, I knew it was going to be great. But I had missed this episode and recently came to my attention because of "The Soup" re-run. I am talking about the clip where high school seniors Logan and Brandon having a discussion about grind dancing at a dance with their Kalama High School Vice Principal Nate Salisbury. Since the episode aired Jan. 8, the clip has received over 300,000 hits on YouTube and was featured on “The Soup” on E! Network and VH1’s “Best Week Ever.”

Anyway I got to say I was positively surprised from what the two boys said to the Daily News interview. Logan and Brandon say their lives haven't changed other than comments on their myspace; friends and family only have good stuff to say and their friends and family say they acted the same way they always act. I believe it was not scripted and that is how they always act. I applaud them having a mature attitude about touching guys that doesn't mean its sexual or them being gay, even though they were immature with their principal. I think it is positive sign that they are not homophobic and can care about each other and assert their heterosexuality in a positive way. They know the truth that they are straight and that's all that matters. Did I also mentioned that they were basketball and football players and part of a leadership camp? I have hope for the future.

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