Monday, June 22

Complaining about SFL

I watch a lot of TV and I have to complain about LIVE on the CW 39 which is now called simply SFL, which is complicated when looking for online. The website for the TV station WDZL used to be great and big but now it is only a subpage on the website. Anyway, there are three hosts to the morning show that also streams online and they are so annoying. Before the show started, they had endless promos. Now, all the promos promoting their shows have them. I also hate the drum sound they use, I hear it all the freaking time!

Dave Azer, who used to host a Nickelodeon show, is a total douche. I have no problem with the Black girl, but the white blonde lady is just creepy. She should fire her plastic surgeon, she looks like one of the creatures from Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer (above). She is so creepy looking.