Wednesday, December 31

Year of 2008: A Look Back

This year has been the new of the 'comebacks.' Britney Spears, Robert Downey Jr., Guns & Roses, the Miami Dolphins, and Kamen Rider. It has also been the year of 'Change.' The Best has been Barrack Obama being voted President of the United States and one of the worst is the state of the economy and the second to worst but workable is banning gay marriage. The movie blockbusters this year even lived up to the hype such as Iron Man, Dark Knight, etc. While gas prices have lowered, everyone is not so trusting. For those not familiar with the 'comebacks' I mentioned earlier, Britney Spears got a hit record and people have been more forgiving to her. No one wnated to see a movie with Robert Downey Jr. until now with Iron Man and Tropic Thunder. Axel Rose finally released his Chinese Demogracy but no one really cared. The Miami Doklphins are now the play-offs, with a new Quarterback and coach, both who used to be in the NY Jets and beat the NY Jets in which could be Brett Favre's last game ever. And Kamen Rider, a popular 38 year-old Japanese action series was once adapted in Masked Rider in 1995 by Haim Saban and now has returned to the CW4Kids by Adness Entertainment and Steve Wang as Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.