Wednesday, December 3

Kathy Griffin on Jay Leno last night

Kathy Griffin has said in the past that when she has gone to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, that dear Mr. Leno has been less than hospitalible. Once he called her ugly, well in relation, not out right say it. She was banned from the show, so I surprised she was invited again. It looked like Jay Leno was trying to be civil and she still acted a bit prickly, she was careful. She often used words or phrases like "You know how I am..." or "You know me." I think she tried setting him up a bit but covertly but he really was civil. He didn't instegate. It went super well. Kathy seemed a bit nervous and wasn't really funny like usual, she mostly badmouthed her mother, in a sort of unfunny way. And you can tell what an insenstive homophobe Leno is, when he lavishes in Kathy's stories about Lance Bass 'banging' women. He asked if he would do it again (if Lance would bang women again), the typical straight man way---'oh, you can fix it.' She answered in a very comedic way that if he went back to 'Nsync.