Tuesday, December 9

Yay! John Stewart defending Gay Marriage against Huckabee

John Stewart was tough on Mike Huckabee over his book saying that everyone is equal. He compared it and asked if Hispanic people shouldn't vote, he said they should vote and then he asked why gay people can't marry. Mike Huckabee brought up marriage not changing since bible days, John Stewart brought up that marriage has evolved, it used to that men could marry many women and women were considered as property. Mike Hukabee said that marriage is about having a penis and a vagina in order to make babies. What he said was often: Religion is more of a choice than being gay; that Religion is a lifestyle! Awesome! "Semantics is cold comfort when it comes to humanity." Mike Huckabee brought up one good point that just because you are against gay marriage doesn't mean that you are homophobe or filled with hate. John Stewart brought up the good point that he standing behind his wall of institution and not bringing up a good reason. Why? Why? Thank you, John. You got it. And funny enough, I still don't find you sexy. I think you would consider that a compliment!