Saturday, December 20

Jetsons Dreamcast

Even though I love the Flintstones, I love the Jetsons much more. Even though most of the things predicted for 'the future' have been surpassed these days, the show is still rumored to be in the works for a movie. Robert Rodriguez is rumored as the director but I heard he has a project he is currently working on and still playing to do a sequel to Sin City, so the Jetsons might still be deep in the future. But it is still fun to dreamcast.

George Jetson / Bryan Cranston
Now, many would have though maybe Jim Carrey or Will Ferrell but I think Bryan Cranston ("Malcolm in the Middle") would bring more depth and heart to the role. He is unconventional and all in all, the all-american dad. He 'goes' there for his roles, evidence by "Breaking Bad." George was a seemingly spineless button pusher who was often pushed by his boss, Mr. Spacely.

Jane Jetson /Patricia Heaton
I think Robert Rodriguez would agree with me that Jane Jetson should be a modern woman and have her own business other than being a housewife like in the original cartoon. Who else is more progressive and modern than Patricia Heaton?

Judy Jetson / Taylor Momsen
Her real hair is brunette but how they dyed her hair for Jenny Humpries for "Gossip Girl," she is a platinum blonde ringer. Judy Jetson was your typical boy-crazy gossiper mall-hopping teenage girl.

Elroy / Angus T. Jones
It seems many fans have thought of him for the role. He is 15 now but he can play young. For those who don't recognize him, he is the kid from "Two and a Half Men." Elroy Jetson was the youngest but also the most intelligent and invented many things and sometimes more logical than his dear old dad who he looked up to. He had an open heart for animals like Astro and Orbity (from the 80's episodes).

Mr. Spacely / Danny Devito
It is either from a lack of imagination or it is just a no brainer to cast Danny Devito as Mr. Spacely. He looks just like him... except for no glasses and hilter mustache. Mr. Spacely was an employee's worst nightmare in the 1960's, a screaming, narrasastic, angry, insecure, uncaring and ignorant owner of Spacely Sprockets.

The robot maid of the Jetsons. Plenty of people have a broad idea of who should play her... from Queen Latifah to Megan Mugally to Joan Rivers, who played a robot in Spaceballs. I think Bender Rodriguez should play her boyfriend Mac.

For Astro, I think they should just get a good enough voice actor like they did for Scooby-Doo.

Cogswell / David Koechner
When you need a douche, you go to Koechner and I think he would make a great Cogswell, the rival of Mr. Spacely.