Sunday, January 4

Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot Colors

For those who don't follow Care Bears, they recently re-designed them (once again) in 2007 and with a new TV series called Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot. I love the Care Bears and always been fascinated by the colors. I am not so crazy about the new bears they have added because it is like redundancy. There is Friend Bear, Best Friend Bear and Amigo Bear! Anyhoo, I have noticed with new bears, they can't decide on the color!

Best Friend Bear looks Magenta on her beanie toy tag but on the show she is like an Orchid-color.

Amigo Bear is like a dark orange on his tag and toy but on the show, he is more like a light peach/orange. I know the tag is a bit dark because of the photo but I've seen it, his fur is darker in tone.

Now Bears we have grown to love:

True Heart Bear, not an original bear but was part of the 80's brood, she was their mentor, but in this she is a regular bear. She was an egg color and now she is light pink, though on the show she much lighter.

Love-A-Lot Bear is the biggest variant of color from the merchandise to show. She has always been a darker pink than Cheer Bear or a light red--however you look at it, since Pink is considered a light red. But on the toy tag, she certainly is lighter than on the show. She is considered a red/pink.

Bedtime Bear as I remember him as a baby blue color and is so on the toy and tag but I dunno if it is the caption above but it looks like he is an aqua.

Wish Bear has remained the same color (bright Torqouise-ish green) since the 80's but I am not sure if it is the pictures above because I have not seen her tag in person but she look more green-ish than aqua on the tag.

I love different shades of pink and purple! This is not fair to color blind people, but just take my word for it.

Above from left to right: Harmony Bear, Best Friend Bear, Harmony Bear, and Surprise Bear.
Okay, Harmony is Lavender, Best Friend is orchid (light magenta-violet?), Harmony is purple (or violet?), and Surprise Bear is a deep dark purple. Or I can just be wrong for the name of the colors but I love the shades!

If anything, they kept the colors they established with the re-vamp in the 2000's, Champ Bear was orange-y back in the 80's, now he is blue. But I don't even know how to describe his color. A turquoise-y deep blue? A dark sea blue? He is a different shade than Bedtime, Grumpy and Tugs Bear.