Tuesday, August 12

The Women?

This movie has the most laziest name, I thought a man came up with it. It just sounds awkward. The announcer in the commercial says, "Come and meet the women." And did they get every actress over 40?! (Meg Ryan, Bette Midler, Debra Miller, Annette Bening, Candince Bergen, Cloris Leachman, Debi Mazar, and the list goes on and on) Is this Sex and the City on Menopause? Most of the actresses have not got any work in years (Like Jada Pinkett Smith), it is like a star free for all. "Hey, want to be in this movie?" Sure! This movie reminds me of The First Wives' Club and that sucked. I am surprised Goldie Hawn is not in this movie. And Debra Messing as the frizzy-haired flake? What a stretch! I think it is positive to have movies with women over 40 but this looks like squeezing them all at once and it simple drek. (Sample Quote: "I met a guy and I think I will give him my real number.")

And while I am on the subject of chick flicks, why in the trailer/commercial for The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 has to have almost all the girls falling into sand, water and bumping into things?