Friday, August 29

Runway: Keith baby

Many guys have liked Keith's body but his brain is fried. He definitely is the Rami of this season. Rami was of last season. But Rami made it to the last episode though, Keith was kicked off Wednesday. The reason I post this now is to have enough assessment and watching the episode twice. Rami and Keith were both one-trick ponies: Rami drapped and Keith did swatches. Both were stuck up and stubborn. But Keith broke down due to the pressure. He got some criticism from Micheal Kors ("It looks like a sad chicken") and became a big baby. He is supposedly from a small town and this was his only 'chance.'

He won the Lipstick Jungle challenge but didn't succeed in the Drag Queen challenge because he had no cohesive thought. He was kicked off this challenge (making something creative out of car interior parts) because it was badly crafted, not innovative or cohesive. He thought his style was 'too out there' and toned down. He tried making a good pattern but failed at it---his model sat and broke the skirt... but if he made it better than he wouldn't be in the jam. In the end, Kohrs was right (a little bit of credit) to say Keith was just blaming his model and him the critic. Keith cried like a baby and said he didn't want to cry in front of the others. I think he can't take criticism well, I used to be that way so I understand that. But he still has a long way from putting up with criticism.