Monday, August 11

Fat Guy Stuck in the Labyrinth

Fat Guy Stuck in the Internet parodies Jim Henson/David Bowe's The Labyrinth and it is hilarious. I thought it would could half-ass in the parody but it kept going into it, it could have done cheap gay jokes but they did good. Also, with the puppets and the songs. They had bad puppets, I don't they were making fun of Henson's puppets but more making fun of their own cheapness. I am trying to figure out with one are the favorite dancers... the purple unicorn guy or the yellow lizard. I cant believe it but they even parodied the mirrorball dancing scene and put Gamberling in a dress and makeup. I am not crazy about this show Fat Guy but this episode was pretty funny and good. Thank god they didn't have the big brown good heart monster or the troll. Oh and of course Gamberling smashed the mirror and heh heh they found the warehouse of the set.