Saturday, August 2

Alice Upside Down--why didn't advertise Luke Perry

I just saw a commercial for this Straight-to-DVD movie Alice Upside Down, that according to a IMDB review is a dismal movie. It is the first starring role for dancer/actress Alyson Stoner, who has been in Cheaper By The Dozen, "Camp Rock" and the Missy Elliott video "Work It." So the commercial advertises Alyson Stoner and Lucas Grabeel ("High School Musical"). Luke Perry plays his dad but he is not advertised. It is probably because the commercials is on ABC Family and that is their audience. Or the real reason is... the movie sucks and they don't want to embarrass Luke Perry any further.

Up next for the 15 year-old is The Alyson Stoner Project written and directed by fellow child actor Kevin Schmidt.