Wednesday, June 11

Will Smith on Despierte America

Yesterday morning, I was a the gym and I don't watch Univision but since there is a lot of Latino people who watch nothing else but Univision. Despierte America is a low-rent "Good Morning America" with no fancy big window facing the crowd, in fact there is no crowd. And the show is not above having lame Mexican prop jokes. SO to my surprise, Will Smith was there. They NEVER NEVER have any American celebrities, the closest thing would be J-LO and see hasn't graced in their show in years. Will Smith attempted Spanish at first, saying he wanted to but when the hosts really started getting into it, he could barely grasp what they were saying and was just nodded.

Will Smith sounded like any Miami American child of Latin parents, not too sure how to navigate through Spanish, sprinkling English words and trying to translate grammatically. This is not insult, at least he was trying. When he started talking about his new movie Hancock, he started getting into English. And then all of the sudden, the translator started translating into spanish and he had a deep voice.