Thursday, June 26

Carlos Mencia admits to homophobia

At least he admitted to it. he has been pretty gay friendly on the show, but he got pretty homophobic last Wednesday when talking about gay marriage. Maybe he was making fun of homophobes. Almost every instance there was a near-naked man or two men kissing, he kept saying he was averting his eyes or looking at their boots. At one point he was screaming so much with angry that he burst in laughter and admitted that was filled with homophobia. It was great, I could breathe again. I was afraid he was perpetuating homophobia among the young Latino youth. The majority of his audience is frat boys, young Latinos and 'gangsta' boys, who all like him love Scarface. But thank god he had enough insight to point it out. He hilariously had Cheech Marin as the father of one half of a gay marriage.