Thursday, June 19

Kathy Griffin: Life on the D-List tonight was a riot

"Kathy Griffin: Life on the D-List' is really funny all the time but this time, it was just a riot. Team Griffin went to the hometowns of Tom and Tiffany and it was fucking awesome. Very memorable stuff. Poor Kathy was feeling out of place, no one caring for her. But it was so funny when she became scared of Tracy as she got a chicken as a gift and then she heard a horse whine. Kathy was happy to meet Tiffany's grandma Millie, who helped her from HSN. Jessica even has Millie to tell them to get Blackberries. They have been fighting for the 'Berries.'

Torturing and making fun of Tom is a treat. love his brother. And it is no surprise everyone loves Tom, he is goofy, shady, skeezy, kinda fulgy fuckable. The show is so freaking funny. When Kathy said 'yes' when agreeing to adopt a gay crack baby, she seemed so WASP, showing more levels to the comediane... comic.