Sunday, June 15

Cleveland Moves into his own Spin-Off

Cleveland Brown of "Family Guy" is getting his own spin-off "The Cleveland Show" scheduled for mid-season 2009, after Family Guy and has a 13-episode commitment. He moves to Stoolbend, VA with his son, his high school sweetheart Donna, her teenage daughter, and her 5-year-old son. The wacky neighbors include a loudmouth redneck couple, a British family seemingly stuck in the Victorian era and a family of bears in this "Family Guy" spin-off. Cleveland Jr.has also become fat, kinda like the friend of the son on "American Dad." I am not surprised Cleveland is saddled with a family much like his copycat predecessor but I am glad that there is no alien or fish in a bowl. The bears seems like trademark Family Guy of droll anthropomorphic characters. Most fans feel the same about not wanting Clevealand away from the original show, I think it is an odd choice to spin-off, it is like spinning off Lisa off the Simpsons.

Sad part is that Cleveland is the ONLY African-American lead character in any form of TV Show in the next season and pointed out by Entertainment Weekly, FOX did not have the balls to have it up for fall, but mid-season. I like the logo but Donna looks like Lois. I would have rather some one-off character get a spin-off like Herbert the pervert (what kind of pitch would that entail right?), Adam West, or the news anchors. Hey, how about a Trisha Tankanawa spin-off? Being the only adult American cartoon to be lead by an Asian. But I don't like how the Bears have Latino accents!!! If they wanted Latinos, they should just have Latinos. Okay now we are more invisible and bears, of course the voice actor is probably not hispanic.