Monday, June 9

My Take on Hilary Clinton and her Presidential Campaign

A few months ago when Hilary Clinton appeared on "Saturday Night Live" and was interviewed via satellite on "Daily Show with Jon Stewart," I thought it was not a good move and it would be her end. Of course it wasn't, it actually helped her. Weeks later, Obama and way later McCain appeared on the Daily Show and McCain appeared on SNL. And this year, the presidential candidates have gone down to the most embarrassing low-down things gimmicks such as appearing on WWE for god's sakes. And while there was Obama's former pastor and talk of racism still being rampant in this country... gender is still a big issue and I think still a big one. There is no lie that the media really rammed into Hilary and I am not whining or complaining, it is the bare facts.

When pundits and news anchors claim that straight married men in America claim that they won't vote for Hilary because they believe her voice is akin to 'their wife's squaking.' And even the thought of saying something relating to that in a similar stereotype to Obama will just not even be thought of. And when Obama was named the Democratic candidate and Hilary conceded, there was no breathing room and all the media were grilling Obama if he wanted Hilary as a vice-president or in the words of Katie Couric, 'would be ulgck!' And the Daily Show made a delightful parody of what America would think about the race of the vice-president of Obama related to movie box office ratings such as:

Obama with a white man = 48 hours, Lethal Weapon
Obama with a Latino man = boxing
Obama with an Asian man = Rush Hour, of course
Obama with Clinton = Driving Mrs. Daisy

Me and my friends have feared for months that a Obama and Clinton would be in danger of an assignation attempt. I think it would be awful if anyone is even phantoming it. And Clinton would be at least fulfilling one historic role for women as a Vice-President. But I thought there would be a lot of heavy feelings of resentment through their campaigning but some insiders said they have put that away. Endorsing Obama was a smart move on Clinton's part and her speech was nice and his of course came out a bit condensing--the part about his daughters, but maybe it is coming from the heart. A lot of talk has been happening about Collin Powell becoming Obama's running mate, but many people forget that he is a conservative republican. I think he would be a good match with McCain and give his campaign a big boost--women love him and he brings gravitas. But he is also a a moderate Republican, Powell is well known for his willingness to support liberal causes so it can't be ruled out.