Thursday, August 2

Super Mario Bros Kooplings DIfference between TV Show and Video Games

In the cartoon The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, which featured entirely different names for the Koopalings due to them not having official names at the time of its airing. Also, the Koopalings were still referred to by their nicknames. I noticed this as a kid when I got the Super Mario World game and the booklet had different names. But later on, I found out their game names were inspired by musicians and singers, which is much cooler. Critics bemoaned the lack of the Koopalings in many games, commenting on how it has taken more than 15 years for them to get another major appearance, as well as criticizing Bowser Jr. for replacing them.
 Ludwig Von Koopa/Kooky Koopa
 Ludwig appears prominently in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and the Super Mario World cartoons produced by DIC Entertainment and Nintendo. Kooky was portrayed as having mad scientist-like personality, inventing various gadgets and doo-dads for his father. He had somewhat messier hair, was smaller in size, had only one spike on his shell, his tail was usually twisted or curved, and also possessed an extremely bizarre laugh. Also, Kooky wasn't the oldest Koopaling, as that position was taken by Bully. His personality was different too, as he didn't ever listen to classical music, and was never portrayed as a composer. 

Larry Koopa/Cheatsy Koopa
He has blue hair like his older brother Ludwig,  In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, Larry was named Cheatsy Koopa and was usually scheming up Bowser's latest plan, sometimes in conjunction with Kooky. There are several physical differences between Larry and Cheatsy: Larry's hair is pointed upwards but Cheatsy's hair was flatter and much more untamed. Cheatsy was almost always seen squinting and was given an overbite, and had a tail that curled around like a pig's. He appears the most of all the Koopalings. Cheatsy was voiced by James Rankin. Additionally, in the continuity of the cartoons, Hip and Hop were the youngest Koopalings, not Cheatsy. In video game artwork, he originally had four visible fangs on the top corners of both sides of his mouth, however in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, he only has two. While many sources claim he was named after the American talk show host Larry King[1], like his siblings, Larry was named after a musician: Larry Mullen Jr., the drummer for the rock band U2.

 Roy/Bully Koopa
 In the The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World cartoons, Roy was called Bully Koopa. As his name would imply, Bully constantly pummeled and pulled cruel-pranks on friend and foe alike. Out of all the Koopalings, Bully seemed to have the least amount of air-time in the DIC cartoons, only appearing occasionally. Bully was given a Brooklyn accent in the DiC cartoons, and unlike in the video games, the character wore a spiked collar, had only one spike in center of his shell, and was regarded as the oldest Koopaling. Roy originally wore a pink shell but he now wears a purple shell. Roy also wears red sunglasses similar to his namesake, the legendary rock and roll musician, Roy Orbison. 

Morton Koopa Jr./Big Mouth Koopa
 In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, he was named Big Mouth Koopa. He was more talk than action. In fact, he talks so much that someone frequently has to step in to stop his speeches (usually King Koopa or Bully Koopa). He appears the least out of all the Koopalings.  There are a few physical differences between Morton and Big Mouth: Morton's shell is gray and in the Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon, Big Mouth's is purple. Big Mouth has much larger eyes and purple eyelids; the star-shaped birthmark on Morton's face is darker around the cheek, while it's just one solid color on Big Mouth. Lastly, Big Mouth is shorter and thinner than Morton. Morton is named after Morton Downey Jr. This is the reason for the "Jr." at the end of his name

Iggy Koopa/Hop Koopa
Iggy is named after Iggy Pop, a famous punk rock singer and leader of the band The Stooges. In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, Iggy is named Hop Koopa and he, along with his twin, Hip Koopa, are portrayed as the youngest of the Koopalings. Unlike some of the other cartoon Koopalings, Hop closely resembles his game artwork. Hop and Hip are constantly seen together, and the duo are constantly pulling pranks on unsuspecting citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. Like many stereotypical twins, Hop and Hip often share their sentences by either speaking in unison or finishing each other's lines. Additionally, Hop is not portrayed as an inventor as in the games. That role goes to Kooky. 

Lemmy/Hip Koopa
Lemmy was named after Lemmy Kilmister, the lead singer and bass guitarist of the English heavy metal band Motörhead. In the cartoons, Lemmy was named Hip Koopa and would often hang-out and pull pranks with his brother Hop Koopa, whom he was twins with. In the continuity of the cartoons, Hip and Hop were the youngest Koopalings, and were portrayed as six-year-olds, while the rest of the Koopalings were in their teens. In the cartoons, Hip retained Lemmy's personality from the games, but his appearance was much different. He had thinner hair than Lemmy, a large overbite, one spike on his shell, and didn't appear to have a lazy eye. Also, his ball was a normal beach ball, whereas it was yellow with orange stars in the games. 

Wendy O. Koopa/Kootie Pie Koopa
Wendy O. Koopa is one of the Koopalings and the only female of the group. She is Bowser's fifth child. Wendy is fairly materialistic and greedy, and is, more or less, a spoiled brat with a quick temper, often going into a rage over little things. She was named after famous musician Wendy O. Williams, lead singer of the punk band the Plasmatics. In the DIC cartoons, Wendy was named Kootie Pie Koopa. Kootie Pie would also throw temper-tantrums and furniture when she didn't get what she wanted. She had particular disdain for Princess Toadstool, whom Kootie Pie saw as a rival.  Kootie Pie appeared in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 the most out of all the Koopalings.