Tuesday, July 31

Critiquing Sofia Vergara's Bedding

 Sofia Vergara has bedding at K-Mart, I was recently at that store looking for bedding and found garish and excruciatingly loud colors. For one thing, her selection is very solid colors and if it has any details, they fade into the main color because there is not enough of a difference between the shades. I know I never talk about interior design but my best friend once said I would make a good interior designer.

There is a lot of black. In fact, there is a lot of stereotypical 'Latin' colors like Scarlet, Black, Orange and Purple. It is like she took a bunch of Mexican Prom dresses and cut them up and put them on the bed. Who exactly is this for? It certainly doesn't look like anything for a Suburbian Housewife. It looks more for women like her... sexy women over their 40's.

Hers is better than anything Kardashian. Above is Kardashian collection. Apparently they want the middle class to look like a dress a skinny 90 year-old woman would were.