Thursday, August 9

Actors who age badly

 Sean Connery
Women might still find him sexy but I don't. I am 30 and growing up I just saw the old Indiana Jones' dad, I didn't see James Bond. He's 81. It wasn't drugs, fat or plastic surgery, just age.

 Marlon Brando
He was born in 1924 and passed on in 2004. I only saw him as the old fat coot. But was surprised when I first saw him in Rebel Without a Cause. He was damn sexy. But I can't get that old man image out of my head.

 Nick Nolte
He is 71. I have nothing against white hair but I can't keep that mugshot image out of my head. Some people might not agree that he used to be handsome, but he was in the movies wasn't he? He played leading men didn't he?

 Clint Eastwood
He's 82. People say how hot he was back in the day but I can't get the image of the crusty skeleton he has become these days. He is now a director and more touted for that these days. It was just age, no drugs or fat or anything like that.

Jack Nicholson
I know very few people that found him attractive. I see him more in a comedic sense. He just got old and fat, no drugs or plastic surgery. He has always been a big star. He's 75.

Mickey Rourke
I was so surprised how hot he was in that Harley Davidson movie, but plastic surgery and drugs and so many other factors played into his current appearance. But after Sin City and The Wrestler, he has had a 'comeback.' He's only 59, my dad is 56 and looks so much better!