Thursday, August 2

Project Runway Emmy 4 Runway

 The challenge was to make a dress inspired by some Lexus car colors for Emmy Red Carpet for former Project Runway ladies. And the worst part was the partnering. Chris Palu, who already has a 'will they fuck?' rivalry with high voiced Gunner, was partnered with Andrea Katz, 52.

 It was so funny that it is only the third episode and I already know how Chris will react. They had to make a dress for last competition's winner Anya.  At first, he was so thrilled to be paired with Andrea. I was like, 'No No No.' He had no idea that last challenge Tim Gunn told her to scrap her awful zestless dress (lazy design of sewing together candy button sheets) and she still did it, got safe and was still proud of herself.

 And he found out the hard way--crying and complaining about her on the runway to the judges. He said he didn't want to point fingers but he exaggerated that it took 12 to 14 hours for her to cut the dress. She felt upset and betrayed so she threw him under the bus as well. It was the highlight of the episode. Even guest judge Krysten Ritter (of Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23) was trying to stop from laughing. She was bitchy as well.

  Andrea comes from the long line of contestants that are older than the other designers and don't know what they are doing and so stuck in their ways. I wish it wasn't so predictable but oh well. So Chris was thrilled to be 'in' and not out. He cried and stress out about it. Relax bro. I was shocked to find out Andrea was in and not out. I thought she would be. I would miss the accent of the guy who was dumped that I forget his name. And then it turns out that Andrea 'ran away.'