Tuesday, April 26

Television: When the Woman Proposes

UPDATED 7/28/14
I noticed a trend in Television, that when the female proposes to their love, everything goes wrong and ultimately the man proposes and then they get married. There may be other examples but I can't remember them right now. This has all come up because of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."
Boy Meets World
Cory and Topanga were the big couple on the show and they got married in the last season. Anyway, Topanga was the first to propose to him and it was at the end of Season 5 when they graduated and continued into Season 6 where they eloped but ultimately she said 'I don't' and they decided to get married with their family present. So it showed that when the woman does it, its wrong. because when Cory proposed, he got on one knee in a park with Cory's parents present and a heirloom ring.

Before Chandler proposed, Monica tried but couldn't and she ended up crying and said that is why the men do it, and Chandler ended up doing it.

Sex and the City
Steve proposes to Miranda when she says she is pregnant, which prompts her to yell at him that she doesn't want to marry him, to which Steve responds that he doesn't really want to marry her. Miranda proposes to Steve, he accepts, and they get married in a small, tasteful ceremony. One rare turn.

The Secret Life of American Teenager
The reason I bring this up because of this show, because the girl proposed to the boy, he said yes but he is having doubts. Will this end up the same? Why is it important to me that the woman proposing and things ending up better? Because it should, because screw tradition, why does to have to be the man? In the end, they didn't marry. Amy went to college with Ben and left her kid with his father Ricky.

The Office
Jim and Pam are now married and have a kid on the show, Jim proposed under the rain, Pam never proposed and that was that. With Michael and his lady love Holy, he proposed.

Golden Girls
Back in the day, in the Moonlight Madness party episodes, Rose proposes to Miles on one knee. He says "I'm going to cry." They ended up not getting married.