Thursday, April 14

PINK is a color!!!!

As usual, the Daily Show brought it up to me: J. Crew Ad Controversy: Boy with Pink Toenails. And of course everyone is freaking out and especially Keith Arlow, who Jon Stewart brings it up as the cover of his book with Glenn Beck looks like a same sex raising book. And it is true, it does. And like Jon says, a weekend with children gets boring. PINK IS JUST A FREAKIN COLOR, not a gender constitute. Just because a boy wears pink anywhere doesn't mean it will effect his psyche so much that it will determine his sexual identity or orientation. Now, yes in our culture pink is seen as a girl color. But it is just one little ad, it is not like a PSA or a goverment thing. And plenty of athletes have worn pink for Breast Cancer support to find the cure and no one has said bub-kiss.