Wednesday, April 13

Happy Ending Review

I didn't have high hopes for the new ABC sitcom about 6 friends: 3 male, 3 female; any like those will be compared to 'Friends' but this one has woman and man having a wedding in the beginning and Elisha Cuthbert leaves the guy Dave (Zachary Knighton) and kind of wedges in between the six friends. So Alex (Cuthbert)'s sister Jane is married to the black friend Brad. And the third guy Max is a gay guy, who was fat as a kid and might be a little chubby now and doesn't like that people say she might be chubby. Max (Adam Phally) is a delight. Brad does seem like a oreo, white guy in black skin. They aired another ep at 10, its regular time--good slot since Cougartown should be coming back. And the third girl is the delightful Casey Wilson of Saturday Night Live as Penny, who knew Max from college and they are 'gay married,' where Max is Penny's gay husband. Max is a masculine gay guy who isn't above 'gaying' it up. I really like the characters of Penny and Max, but not so crazy about the other four. Dave is a bit charming, but after what Alex did, it's hard to like her.

In the second episode, Penny says she was a 'gay gay' which Max calls a stereotypical 'Sex and the City' gay guy that would touch her boobs in a platonic way, so he does get one--by the name of Derrick. Hiliairous. I didn't think the show would go that far. ABC even called it a 'Modern Family' of 'Friends' and it might as well be. No laugh track, like I like, it might be a bit exaggerated and outlandish. The show just needs to calm it down a bit and rely more on the sly writing, and get a note off "My Boys" from TBS, they know how to do it.