Wednesday, November 23

Awesome Suburgatory Thanksgiving Episode!!!

It should had been a 1-hour special! OMG, what a great episode. Every episode of this new show has been awesome but this was just gravy. We have our established characters in Tessa (Jane Levy), her dad George (Jeremy Sisto), Dallas (Cheryl Hines), Sheila (Ana Gasteryer) and Lisa (Allie Grant). Now we meet the others in their families, like Dallas' absent husband played by Jay Mohr. Chris Parnell, Ana Gasteryer's fellow SNL alum reprises his role as her husband and Lisa's dad. Lisa stands up for herself in this episode, Sheila is a over-controlling mother and wants Lisa to wear a horrible pilgrim outfit. Geroge asks Dallas to take Tessa out and they end up in Manhattan. We get a little bit of the conversation between George and Tessa, Tessa catches George kissing another woman in Manhattan, she is more upset about him going to Manhattan than going out with a woman without him not telling her. It should had been 2 episodes, it was so good. Maybe squeezing all that stuff together makes it good. We also see Noah (Alan Tudyk)'s wife, Gillian Vigman (who does those Room to Go commercials) who is a MADtv alum, we see another MADtv alum Mo Collins in Sheila's household. Lisa even streaks as rebellion.