Tuesday, October 4

Glee Season 3 Episode 3 Review

The third episode of the third season concentrates on Rachel vs. Mercedes but also on Mike Chang, we find out he is Michael Chang Jr., his dad is Michael Chang Senior. Finally Mike gets a focus episode and Harry Shum Jr. can handle it. We always think he is just a quiet dancer, but we find out he was the pretty much stereotypical Asian dad that wants him to be a doctor or something like that, and make A's and stop dancing. But his mom, who at first we think will be against him, is actually on his side, wish she was as brave as him, which I can comprehend as my parents have told me I'm braver than them in some respects. It was definitely a stronger episode than last week. I still think that they had gone too fast Quinn----making her normal again, they should had left her 'bad girl' in three more weeks. And that black football player Shane that is now Mercedes' boyfriend influences her in a bad way, making her rebel against Glee. 

I guess Mercedes has to take Quinn's place and only one bad girl is allowed. Mercedes has vengeance against Mr. Shue for codling Rachael instead of her. On the other side, Will thinks that Emma is ashamed of him in front of his parents, but she is ashamed of them as they are Ginger supremacists. And we learn the roots of Emma's condition and the mother wonders where she got it from. Will calls her parents out on making fun of her OCD. Ginger Supremacists is so Ryan Murphy. Kurt takes the high road from last week, giving Blaine flowers for his audition and not letting it get to him, Blaine ends up winning the role but anyway still looks pained. I still feel Blaine looks out of place in the Glee group, too hot and built for the mismatch team. An episode with praying and young gay love and a hot Asian is a BIG ASIAN A+ to me! Mercedes acts true to character and so does Rachel, but Mercedes' points come out more vibrant. Next week? Santana and Mercedes join the new Glee Group by Rachel's mom.