Thursday, October 6

Project Runway After the Show

After the Show is a new 30-minute show after Project Runway, which isn't as great as the other behind-the-scenes shows. Joshua personally attacked Laura (season 3) came as a blogger and interviewer. This was obviously staged and more staged before others. Joshua even calls this out (saying she was being nice to the others and not , he even threatens her saying it is not a pleasant meeting. The interviewer blonde lady tried settling it but Joshua didn't look that happy. Joshua runs out before the others at the end, predictably. I like what Laura said because it was true. I was surprised that Laura didn't appear and that they didn't mention where she was, I suppose she wasn't a focus in the episode. It is true that viewers are to make Joshua into a villain and it looks like that in the episode, a seriously disturbed little child who doesn't know how to even rebuttal appropriately (I'm not hiding behind the computer). And yes, I would say this in his face. He is not a needle in a haystack, he is just another piece of hay, reminding me of many other gay men like him. I liked what Viktor said about being gay but it felt a bit like an excuse. Young Gay men got to stop being Joshuas and start being Viktors. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Anya dealt with criticism better.