Wednesday, October 12

Mad at "Man Up"

"Man Up" has been an expression for five years or maybe more, I thought it would die down like 'For sizzle my nizzle' or 'hinky' but apparently not. Even 'Metrosexual' has died down. But I think the word 'Man Up' has to do more as a revenge or revolt over Metrosexuals, Gay Marriage and supposed feminine man take over. I don't like 'Man up' because it is unnecessary, I know 'Man up' can be broken up to mean 'step up, show some courage.' But when I hear 'Man up,' I think about stereotypical behavior such as playing football, burping, butt scratching, being masognistic and stupidity. Also, that if someone tells you 'man up' that you (as a man) are acting feminine, like eating low-fat foods, waxing eyebrows, etc. and that is bad and should stop. Dr. Pepper 10 is no girls allowed, supposedly, it has 10 calories and it is for men. I think it is a revolt against the notion that men have 'soften up' and need something 'manly' like a ManWhich or a ManMeal. I also don't like the terms ManDate, ManScaping or ManPurse. Hopefully the new ABC sitcom "Man Up!" will be the recently canceled sitcom. (The promo below shows them drinking drinks that are probably considered feminine just because they are bright, colorful and fruity.) I recently tried Dr. Pepper 10 and it is like Pepsi Zero, not as great as the original.