Thursday, June 3

McDonald's French Commercial

I got to talk about this! I am not crazy about McDoanlds, I still go there but I don't eat every month because of the nature of the food and the chemicals (greasy food and the french fries don't turn black if stays in a container for a month). The commercial features a father and son, the son is talking to a romantic interest on the phone, hangs up when the dad comes. The dad says how he looks like him and he was a lady-killer and that too bad he goes to an all-boy school, but it is suggested that the son is gay. The ending tag line is "Come as you are." Very commendable by the makers to do this. Too bad it wouldn't go as well in the USA. But it isn't that overt in the ad either. It is not ballant. It would have been more brave it was more 'out' that he had a boyfriend.