Tuesday, June 15

What makes Kathy Griffin relatable

Tonight was the first episode of Kathy Griffin's new season of "My Life on the D-List" which was more heart felt then funny but I did laugh out loud when Kathy said she should be replaced by CGI for the episode. It was mostly about her guest appearance on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" episode PC that aired a while ago. Fans loved the episode. Unfortunately I missed the episode but I am sure I will see it soon on USA as they repeat it over and over and over again. LGBT community didn't like the message, that it ended up being that Kathy's character Babs ended up being bisexual and not a lesbian. But, I really liked this episode of her reality show, because she opened up. Kathy is relatable here as she fears that she is a bad actress and can't compete with the pros. She believed she was flubbing her lines but the director told her to take it down a 'notch.' Some critics said she was campy on the show. I don't think Kathy fully realized it as she was concentrating on lines.

She was really stressed about doing the episode, but it is what we love about Kathy, she really wanted to work and do her best. She just didn't want to drag people down. She is so cute, where she runs through the halls to show Mariska Hargitay her book and remind her that she dropped her on her ass during a 'trust exercise' in the Groundlings. It is a relief to her that she hold bad feeling. Probably Mariska doesn't even remember she was in the Power Rangers movie. You could tell that the cast of L&O: SVU did love her around, well, at least for the cameras. The reality show episode made a big deal about her kissing Mariska, but many fans complained the kiss wasn't a full kiss on the drama. We see the whole kiss on the reality show. Kathy admited it was a tough gig, I am supporting Kathy by saying to those critics that say Kathy was campy and over-the-top in the episode, but maybe that is just the nature of Kathy's face and personality. Many fans had commended Kathy as a breath of fresh air on the show. I mean NBC was smart to air her episode along with Mischa Barton's ep, because come on! Kathy is gonna look better next to Mischa Barton's acting.

And they thought she was hamming it up on the episode? On the reality show, she did a 'crime scene' with her employee Tom and Ice-T and she just, was herself and funny. It was a hilarious little scene. Oh, they found the dead body of Tom and Ice T asked if there was anal tearing, Kathy said she could put her fist up in there.